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24/7 Video Game Soundtracks Radio | Immersive Music – mp3

November 29, 2018

LATEST 24/7 Video Game Soundtracks Radio | Immersive Music Free Download, no surveys for MAC AND WINDOWS.
24/7 Video Game Soundtracks Radio | Immersive Music file is 100% working, download and check by yourself. instructions has been added to install file, please check file folder for notes.txt after installation.

24/7 Video Game Soundtracks Radio | Immersive Music is clean and safe for PC (Windows), MAC, iOS and Android use. Choose right download file and run it to get access NOW.

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Full list of game soundtracks curated for songs:

Update: Finally! I figured out a way to have the song information display on my preferred music player, REAL Shuffle Player. This player insures a true randomized playlist. No more repeats! Although I have had an issue with the latest version ending playback for no reason. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Update: The stream has been moved from an old laptop to a more permanent, and reliable device. An Intel NUC NUC5CPYH. For those in the know, it is the cheapest version of these devices, thus it cannot handle streaming in 720P, but with direct LAN connection instead of Wifi, the stream should be more reliable. It was all I could afford ladies and gentlemen. With it I’ve added a plethora of new songs and artwork. Enjoy!

Video Games have produced magnificent writing and storytelling, but they have also produced amazing music. I’ve set this stream up to celebrate the amazing music that video game development has produced. I’ve listed it as 24/7 but truth be told I’m still working on it. Finding solutions to problems I’ve encountered, adding more music and pictures and so on. I’ve played a lot of video games but I’m bound to have missed something. So help me build the ultimate video game music playlist. If you have any suggestions on video game soundtracks I should curate for addition, then the best place to let me know is either on Twitter or via Email. Links to these are listed below.

As requested, game, composer(s), and song name is now being displayed. Albeit with an annoying track number, that despite my effort I have been unable to get rid of. I had to abandon my preferred media player to get this to work. After testing several media player, i determined that Winamp has the most decent shuffle system. It isn’t perfect, but it’s decent. With VLC I can make the song listing look perfect, but VLC has the worst shuffle system out of all the media players I tested. There will be songs you will literally never hear and others that you will hear over and over again in a pattern that over time becomes woefully predictable.

All the music here is owned by the games’ respective publishing companies.