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Actor Observer – The Devil You Know (Official Music Video) – mp3

September 2, 2018

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“Sometimes we let fear of uncertainty keep us from making important changes in our lives. We end up staying too long in stagnant, toxic, painful, or unfulfilling situations because it’s what we know. Despite how you might long for a change, it can be easier to accept and cope with the devil you know than to cut ties and take a chance on the unknown. Whether it’s a bad relationship, a job you hate, or a place that you’re tired of living in, you have to ask yourself: what’s worth your time and energy, the certainty of misery or the possibility of happiness?

We recruited the very talented Matt Bastos to film, direct, and edit this video because his movie-esque attention to detail and focus on character emotion was a perfect fit. As for the actors, we wanted everyone to bring something personal to the concept. They are all friends of ours with creative, video, and/or photo experience, but more importantly, they all had a say in which scenario they would be acting out. The dilemma of this song is something most of us can relate to, so we wanted to give others a chance to express themselves through their characters as a cathartic reflection on the difficult situations they’ve overcome. Huge thank you to Laura Trice, Chrissy Bulakites, Chris Rogers, Evan Chuilli, Shaka Dendy, Sammy Singleton, Liv Slaughter, Anya Zayna, and The Rockwell Theater for helping us bring this production to life.”

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