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Faegicinius – Playful (Emotional Epic Music) – mp3

September 4, 2018

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Epic music, your emotions, your thoughts, your own story.

Best classic epic emotional, orchestral, inspiring, heroic, uplifting battle music for your successful epic days full of motivation in the year 2018.

Title: 3 (Playful)
Album: Vol. 5
Released: 2018

The picture was taken by Malik.

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You press the play button. Slowly, a melody develops and emotions are showing: joy, motivation, inspiration. An energy that comes from deep inside of you. Your thoughts circle around nice memories from your past, the world, challenges, your life and what you can achieve. Slowly but surely a story gets created. You feel the melody and you think of interesting things starting to develop your own story and suddenly it’s like there is a cinema right inside your mind. True and epic music that tells a story, your own story including your own thoughts and your own emotions!
Epic Music, your emotions, your thoughts, your own story.