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LIFEBOAT – Cinematic Piano Classical Music Orchestra (Emotional – mp3

November 14, 2018

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A haunting, original score combining orchestra, piano, voice, and electronics for this award winning film about refugees at sea; atmospheric music that enriches and deepens the film’s emotional impact. Includes outtakes not in the film and extended mixes.



A word from JaBig: I watched this film at a film festival in Aspen, Colorado where the short documentary about my bicycle journey across Canada was also screened.

Lifeboat shook me to core as I could have been easily one of those refugees if I were not born in far privileged circumstances.

As you may have noticed, I raise awareness and funds for World Food Programme, an agency that feeds refugees as one of its mandate.

Skye Fitzgerald, the film director, has become a friend as 2018 has gone by and I told him that the film had beautiful music and that I wanted to share it with my fans. He put me in touch with composer William Campbell and here we are!



Album Notes:

The documentary film LIFEBOAT showcases refugees desperate enough to risk their lives in rubber boats leaving Libya in the middle of the night, despite a high probability of drowning. With few resources but certain that civil society must intervene, volunteers from a German non-profit risk the waves of the Mediterranean to pluck refugees from sinking rafts.


Composer William Campbell has created a haunting, original score for this award winning film. Born out of a decades-long working partnership with filmmaker Skye Fitzgerald, Campbell imbues a story of refugees at sea with rich musical atmospherics that enrich and deepen the film’s emotional impact.

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Track listing:

1. Searching
2. Boats on Water (Outtake)
3. Refugee Stories
4. Burning the Rafts
5. Jon and the Sea
6. Unmarked Grave (Outtake)
7. Lifeboat
8. Lifeboat II – Extended Mix
9. Refugee Stories II – Extended Mix
10. Burning the Rafts II – Extended Mix
11. Jon and the Sea II – Extended Mix