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[Mic: Off Music: On] Relaxing Stream! [#001] – mp3

November 5, 2018

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~Welcome. Let us relax together.~


Hello. You’re probably here for fun, for relaxation, sleep deprivation, or some other important. Hopefully this will be able to help us both. I will be randomly streaming stuff like this for fun. Expect more of these in the near coming future because I have a lot of trouble sleeping, or I’m depressed/anxious. Drawing and listening to some nice music helps me a lot, so I thought why not spread it around?


-Please no language in this type of stream; I know I allow it in my regular streams but sometimes cursing doesn’t need to be used.
-Absolutely no spamming or advertising.
-Please do not spam your questions in the chat. I won’t be speaking unless I absolutely have to, but sometimes I’ll answer the questions in the chat.
-Please don’t break the rules, doing so will result in a strike. 3 strikes and you’re out, just like a baseball game.
Relax! Try to remember and remind yourself of how important, special, and amazing you are. You are loved, wanted, and needed by many. Even me.


Featuring: Me, myself, and I.
Working On: Random projects, drawings, and doodles.
Music: “~Relaxing Beats~” on Spotify (which is my own playlist thank you very much)


Discord Username: SerenityAnimations#0578
Discord Server:


Programs Being Used: Medibang Paint Pro (64 bit)
Tools Being Used: Wacom Intuos Tablet & Pen


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