December 4, 2018

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So after 200 hours of gameplay I finally got banned so here it is.

Do whatever you like with it. It is written in c#

Dont ask me how to compile this or even how to use it.
Figure it out yourselves from reading the source.

All I know it works perfectly fine (nice meme) and could be a good base for someone to extend or do some shit I dont know.

has a config system, adjustable hotkeys for weapons etc etc, cute custom crosshair you can move around the screen with CTRL + arrow keys etc, just look at the source or something

the current patterns in this are made for being crouched, 1250 dpi and 0.15 ingame sens
The controlling will only trigger if you aim down sights and press mouse1, keep in mind

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Reminder (1): your browser may consider the downloaded cheat as a malicious program, since it is a program to hack the game and here such actions are expected from your browser and therefore it is worth disabling the built-in antivirus in the browser (to do this, go to your browser settings).

Reminder (2): antivirus will also have to disable, as it will not allow you to download the cheat program for the same reasons as your browser.