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The Manx – Music Video – “Plasma Rib Tanks” – mp3

August 7, 2018

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The Manx is:
Tommy Meehan – Banjo
Myke Chilian – Accordion
Zach Zdziebko – Mandolin
Adam Barnes – Bass
Max Winston – Drums

Producer – Mike Manasewitsch / Zach Zdziebko

Director – Mike Manasewitsch
Editor – Mike Manasewitsch
VFX – Mike Manasewitsch
Cinematographer – Mike Manasewitsch

Bake Sale Camera Operator – Greg Gill
Camera / Lighting Assist – Doug Beatty
Camera / Lighting Assist – Nate Cornett
Camera / Lighting Assist – Chase DuBose
Camera / Lighting Assist – Robby Massey
Camera / Lighting Assist Dillon Vaughn

Booger Monster – Emily Howard & Sam Matcovsky
Booger Monster Fabricator – Max Winston
Booger Monster Concept Art – Tommy Meehan

Props & Set Decorating – Mike Manasewitsch / Zach Zdziebko / Lindsay Zdziebko / Mandy Sydelle

Plasma Dancers – Willy Roberts / Seana Carroll / Mark Teich / Kali Kazoo / Dave Milewski / Anthony Vanchure / Abed Gheith / Safi Hussain

Segment Producer – Yoni Aviram
3D Plasma Finger – Mike Stebbins

Special Thanks Mandy Sydelle / Mike Stebbins / Joe Manasewitsch / Doug Beatty / Emily Howard / Lindsay Zdziebko / Anthony Vanchure / Jordan Harris / Zach Johnson / Jeffrey Max/ Greg Gill / Yoni Aviram / Dillon Vaughn / Erin Pearce / Morgan Anderson/ Ross Fernandez

Cake Face Fabrication – Lindsay Zdziebko / Zach Zdziebko / Mandy Sydelle / Mike Manasewitsch

Cakeface Concept Art – Tommy Meehan

Intro Score and Sound Design – Tommy Meehan

Plasma Rib Tanks
Voyage, Voyage, Voyage in bad taste
I can’t ask for far enough
Oh, double stuffed day, my most perfect holiday
I’ve got an idea, believe you me

On the slab again
Brethren til the end
Plasma we apprehend
Flakes bring frozen heads to life again

Warmth is a passionate splatter on the afternoon asphalt
Warmth is the victim’s arm poking out of a lake
Warmth is a family member’s hideous diagnosis
Warmth is the shattering of your supposed sanity

A pessimistic tone of several million moans
Word play and puns or fluctuating sighs and groans
Slammed into a pole, birds are hovering over my head
In case you did not catch the joke
Here, I’ll spell it out instead

T-H-­E M-­A-­N-­X
The Manx
That’s us!

We run the risk
When peeling our skin
We run the risk
When we dive within

Warmth is a turtle gutted by bratty young pricks
Warmth is the sprinkling of coke on my dick
Warmth is the uninvited flavor of shit
Warmth is a child being blown into bits

Dis­companion comfort zone
A crappy thing from crap I’m told
Targeting obliques (Yeah right) dispelling all the myths (I’m sure)
Training thumbs to point up and up and up and up unapologetically

Mountainous purulence, phantom chasms divide
Whipped up ulcerations, make your families go inside

Haven’t I seen yee before?
No, I could’ve sworn, you’re someone I’ve known
Maybe at a friend’s party
Oh wait, (oh wait) I gotta answer my phone
Hello, Mom? No, I’m at a show
Haven’t I seen yee before?